Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lauren girl turns 2!

My baby girl turned 2 on Tuesday! Wow! I can't believe my youngest is 2 already. We had a fun birthday, but her party will actually be tomorrow evening. We're just going to have family and her cousins Katelyn and Emily come over. It will be fun to watch her open presents and get excited about her butterfly cake I'm going to make. Yep, I'm gonna make her a butterfly-shaped cake - it's really cupcakes and cakes, but the pattern looks pretty simple. I'll have to post a picture if it looks good enough!

She also went to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) for the first time today. She liked it and learned about manna. Grant was excited for her to go. It's exciting for her to be learning about God and the life of Moses, of all things!


Amanda said...

Where did you get that adorable dress for Lauren? I love the white with the green sash!!!!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love the picture of you painting her nails. She has changed so much even since October. Her hair is so think and it lays down now?! Lauren is a wonderful little girl!

Amy said...

the Gap, of all places! I love it - it's even cuter in person!