Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm going to Disneyland

We leave for California in just 2 days for the much-anticipated trip to Disneyland. There are some reasons not to go: predicted earthquake and Arizonans don't much care for California boycotting us. I guess the earthquake is the principle concern here. If my parents read this blog, they'd be calling and asking us not to go! We won't tell them until we're actually there.... So, we're meeting our friends, the Myrums, in LA, and then bringing them back to the Arizona heat with us next Wednesday. We are excited to have them visit for 8 days and do some relaxing. They have 2 kids with similar ages as our 2 older kids, so it should be a fun time! Lauren is excited to meet Disney princesses this time, especially Tinkerbell and Sleeping Booty (how she says it). Grant swears he is going on Tower of Terror. We think it's just too scary for him, but so far he's adamant. Maybe he'll change his mind once we're out front. We're staying at a hotel right on the park property so kids (adults) can take naps if needed. It's gonna be fun!

Of course, with all that comes frantic cleaning, straightening, packing, etc to make sure everything's in shape for our visitors. I actually made myself a little schedule of things to get done this week. The schedule makes me feel more organized and purposeful, and less CRAZY. I tend to get frustrated thinking of all the things I need to do before a certain time, but I'm in a little more control this time. Yay me!

Disney and Myrums, here we come!

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Tiffany said...

FUN FUN!!!! Have a great trip!!! Tell Sleeping Booty hello for Cadence hahahaha. Cannot wait for pictures :) We will have internet sometime late next week, so we can see you guys sometime after your guests leave. I bet Reese has changed so much already!