Monday, July 28, 2008

Sean's 30th

Ah, a few moments to myself. Lauren is taking a nap, presumably. Grant is at the store with his Aunt Aileen. I find myself at the computer.

I am thankful for Aileen. She is always ready to watch the kids and has also agreed to watch Lauren every Wednesday and every other Thursday this fall! That's amazing and a big commitment! I am going to be a BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) leader again this year and could never do it without a great family that supports and helps. I really feel like I am supposed to do it again, although I am pregnant and feeling tired. I believe God will give me the strength. Also, I learn much more as a leader and am excited to see how my faith will grow as we study Moses and his life.

Sean is finally 30. I think it was kind of hard for him to actually turn 30. He has a lot going on in his life and sometimes I feel so helpless to help him. I appreciate and am encouraged by his love for the Lord and his diligence in following Him and wanting to do the right thing. He is a great husband and I thank the Lord for him. It also hasn't been an easy couple of weeks to love me either as I am moody from this pregnancy (at least I am blaming it on that). I am hoping the next 3 weeks will go quickly so I can end this first trimester and start feeling better. I'm also eating more with this pregnancy than the others, so I need to watch myself!

Well, that's all for now. The pictures are from Sean's 30th at his parents' house. Aileen and her friend Angie made the cake. Pretty good, huh?


Brenda Rae said...

Is that a C for Cubs?

Ryan said...

happy 30th birthday sean!
nice blog, keep it up. it is always fun to see pict of the family.