Friday, July 18, 2008

Back from the Journey

Well, we're back! Been back for a week now, but I needed the rest and break from things before finding time to blog.

Our trip was great! Even though it was 8 days, I think we could've stayed longer. It was wonderful to see "old" friends and to visit with family. Our friends' visits were so short though, since there were a lot to see. It's nice to catch up though and see how each others' lives are changing. God is so faithful and His work is evident.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was Lauren eating wild raspberries. She had a few opportunities and she loved pulling them right off the bush and popping them into her mouth. She was quite a mess after finding many black raspberries in Missouri. It was neat to see her enjoy them. Our only concern is that she would start pulling flowers off plants here and start eating them! I think we've definitely got some "country" kids at heart. Grant had lots of fun riding horses, catching lightning bugs, finding snakes, catching tadpoles and frogs, riding 4 - wheelers, etc. There was a lot to do! He also had so much fun playing with his cousins Andrew and Ethan. We were home not even a day and he asked me "mommy, now what can we do?" He was so used to being on the go, not slowing down, he wasn't too sure what to do with himself. We're settled back into the routine here though and things are going well. Grant finishes his last night of Vacation Bible School tonight.

I think most of you who read this already know the news, but we're pregnant! I'm due February 24 - almost 9 weeks along now. I've had nausea and have been very tired. Sean was gone all week for work in Atlanta, which I think just made me feel more tired since he wasn't here. We've not had much family time together since Sean wasn't able to go on the trip and then he left 2 days later for Atlanta. He celebrates his 30th birthday next week though, so that's something else to look forward to (for me, anyway, since right now I'm 31 and he's 29....).

Here are some pics of the trip, not all of course, but some good ones.

Lauren eating wild red raspberries - much cleaner than black...

And here are the black ones - you can't see the full extent of it ALL over her.

Here are Ryan and Tiffany and sweet Cadence. Isn't she so cute.... Oh wait, where is she?

Our kids! 2 are mine, 2 are Amy's, 2 are Sarah's, and Katia had 1 representing that night...

My brothers and me --- and our newest-born children. I think Lauren just finished squeezing Cadence's arm. Sorry Cadence.

Lauren loves playing the piano. I believe Uncle Aaron was getting her going on some hymns.

Lauren, Caleb and Cadence. Yes, I do have pictures where Cadence is a very sweet little girl. I just caught her here with her tongue hanging out - she was just trying to smile, that's all.

Grant-man on the 4-wheeler. He is tough.

Sweet Baby Cadence.....Adorable

All of the Lauxes present at the "LFC" Laux Family Reunion this year. What a good looking bunch.

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Brenda Rae said...

congratulations on the baby - you will be busy!!!