Thursday, June 26, 2008

6 Days to go

So I'm preparing for a bunch of guys to land at my house and then for me and the kids to take off - all on the same day. On Wednesday, I head out to Missouri and Iowa to visit family and friends and I'm taking the kiddos with me. Sean, on the other hand, is staying here and 5 of his friends are flying in. Thankfully, part of their time will be spent in Las Vegas, so they won't have quite as many days to tear apart my house. I guess they are older now and probably not as crazy as they were in college, but, ah, the memories still linger. So, a lot to do before we head out - clean house, pack up the kids, grocery shop for a bunch of guys. Plus we celebrate our 8 year anniversary on Tuesday, so we're headed to dinner and a movie with Aileen and John.

I am working on not becoming full-on sick. It's just been a cough so far, and now I'm losing my voice. I just always pray the kids don't get it too. We had better not be sick for the big trip! We have 6 days to get better.

Well, Grant is waiting for me to play with some toy pigs. Duty calls.

I love this picture of Lauren because it looks like she is trying to smile for the camera - like a fake smile. It's funny because she doesn't really know how to fake smile yet, being 1 and all.

And this one I love, although it's a bit blurry.

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Andrew said...

She is so sweet!