Friday, June 6, 2008

A ride across the country

Well, they're gone. Sunday we set off for a 2 day trek across the SW and Midwest and landed in Grain Valley, MO (KC suburb). Overall, the journey was an easy one. Just a truck and a car and 3 of us to drive, so we were each able to rest some too. Dad let me drive the truck awhile. At first it was scary but then you get used to it I guess. What I don't know if I'll get used to is that they're gone. Not for good, but at least for awhile. I keep expecting dad to knock on the front door and come right in, or to come home and find my backyard mowed. It's sad and I want to cry. I did cry the night I flew back home - poor Sean. I think he just wanted to go to sleep, but instead he had to cradle me as I cried. What a great husband I have. There are a lot of emotions to sort through. I'm sincerely happy for my brothers and their families as they will get to spend more time with their parents and receive all the ready help they have to give. I'm saddened that they will miss out on things the kids do - especially Lauren. I will miss dad just coming over and sitting around to talk and chase the kids. I'll miss my babysitters too! Guess I'm just more on my own now. But they will be back to visit, maybe for the winter, who knows. I will be ready for them; they always have a place here.


Tiffany said...

Wow, now I am sad. I feel like we should "return" them :(. We are really enjoying them. It is great to have more family close and just be able to pop over and say hey. It is an adjustment like anything new but it will be great when the baby comes. We cannot wait until things settle a little (does that ever happen after a baby :) and we just get to visit and truely hang out. Do you miss Zeno? He is a hoot. HAHAHAHAHA - today he did about 15 circles when he saw me in the morning. If only I had that much energy and love to give :).

Bonnie said...

I wrote you a big letter but I lost it...I'll write again later.

You are the best and thanks for your love.


Tiffany said...

they are working a lot up here. your dad is helping Aaron get ready for their church "day at the farm" so that is a pretty big. and everytime they come to use the internet they find something to house reaps the benefits. maybe when the baby comes things will settle down. AHAHHAHAHAHA wishful thinking. HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!