Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's HOT in the AZ

Yep, it's hot. We can't complain though - no earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, just that dry dry heat. We'll manage through it just like all of the other years. I know once August comes around though, we will wonder if it will ever end, and yes, in late October, it finally does.

My birthday was Sunday and I was able to share it with Father's Day and someone else who is brand new and special in our lives...... I think after you hit 30, birthdays just aren't a big deal anymore. Yes, I'm glad I have them, otherwise I wouldn't be alive, you know? But I'd rather just have a nice dinner and have them be uneventful. We celebrated with Sean's mom Lois last Wednesday, since her birthday was the 9th. Then we went out to dinner with our friends, the Severas, to Kona Grill on Saturday night. We had a great time talking and relaxing - it was a perfect evening.

We celebrated Father's Day at the Weber's place in Gold Canyon. The kids got to do some swimming, while the fathers watched some golf and others played games. Then I had an indoor soccer game that evening, which we lost. Oh well.
I've got a countdown going until I head to Missouri with the kids. Only 2 weeks to go! I'm excited to meet my new little niece there and also worried about heading to Cedar Rapids, IA and seeing the devestation there. It's overwhelming to hear my friends talk about all of the destruction by the water. It will be interesting to see how everything looks, and of course fun to see all of my childhood friends again!

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Tiffany said...

that is a fun picture of you guys. we cannot wait for you guys to be here either. i would say that the humidity doesn't have anything on the heat -- but at least, nope, I cannot even pretend I would rather be in the "oven" than in the sauna. haha. i hope father's day was good down there. Ry's first father's day was spent in a hospital. at least for a good reason though :) hope your birthday went well. i didn't even get to wish you a happy birthday! next year... :)