Monday, October 13, 2008


It's easy to live life and be happy everything is great. Love your kids, your husband, be happy you have a job, watch a football game, etc. When things go upside down, it makes you prioritize and appreciate some things better. It's not that I didn't appreciate my niece Cadence before, but now I just want to hug her and kiss her and really try to bond with her.

On Saturday night, we received an upsetting phone call that Cadence was taking by ambulance to the children's hospital in KC. Her platelets were low, very low. They gave her more and they went up, but would drop again quickly after that. At one point, they were at 2000! They are supposed to be around 150,000. Crazy. No one knew what was happening. The doctors had a few ideas - ITP or do some tests for leukemia. Yikes, that's a scary word. In the end, they gave Cadence a treatment of immuno-globins or something like that and her body responded well and she is now building her own platelets. She was at 115,000 for her last test and is right now getting ready to go home after spending 2 1/2 days in the hospital. Her treatment should last 3 weeks and she'll be tested again. They won't now for about 6 months if this is something that will be recurring or just a one-time deal. Doctors don't know why ITP happens.

It was/is a scary time, but makes you realize how precious our children are, and other people for that matter. I didn't want Ryan and Tiffany to have to go through that. I wanted to do it for them if I could. That must be something very hard for parents to go through, especially for a child only 4 months old. We are so happy our precious Cadence is feeling better and her platelets are near normal levels. We are still praying for her, and ask you to as well.

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Brenda Rae said...

Wow - we take for granted our precious children. I will pray for her and the dr. carrying for her! She looks like such a fun little girl!