Friday, October 10, 2008

So here we are, it's Friday and just finishing up the week. I'm in the middle of making my famous (to us anyway) chili since tomorrow it's supposed to be 80. That's cold, folks. Downright chilly.

I'm in the middle of "week 4" of the MBA and it's going well so far. I think I've got a decent handle on how things work. It's a lot different than on campus, that's for sure.

My husband was promoted to Sales Manager at work, so that's the big news here. If we had any thoughts of moving out of Phoenix before, those are gone. It's long overdue and we're really proud of him. He'll be awesome.

We're excited about fall around here. Grant's still talking about pumpkin day - which is October 23, by the way, when Ryan, Tiffany, and lil Cadence are around and hopefully the parents too. I'll post some pics.

Grant's being doing a bunch of stuff in preschool with pumpkins and having a lot of fun. His teacher has such great ideas! He's got the week off next week for fall break, so we'll have to come up with some fun things to do here as well - which will include cleaning the house for our guest's arrival. Grant actually enjoys cleaning so I take advantage of it while it lasts.

We're headed to Vegas next weekend for Sean's award trip. I can usually handle Vegas for a day before all of the gaudiness gets to me, but there are some fun things planned and I'm excited to get away for a couple days without the kids. Apparently Aramark rented out Studio 54 for an evening, so that should be fun. Now to find some "club" clothes....
This picture is of Grant and Lauren and their new cousin baby Jace (actually my cousin's son).

Aileen, Grant and Lauren at Makutu's Island - an indoor play place, super fun.


Amanda said...

Funny that the 80's are "cool" for you guys!!!

Tiffany said...

Wow, Jace looks so little! I would say that Cadence is excited for pumkin day and for being in AZ but that would be a lie, she has no idea what she gets to do. We are very excited and can't wait to get to 80 - or 90 degree weather! :) I would even eat chili in 80 degree weather, just because I like you and your cooking :).