Thursday, December 11, 2008


So Sean and I get another weekend by ourselves! Thanks again Aramark! We are headed to Tahoe this time, a place I've never been. I've always wanted to go there because I hear it's beautiful and the skiing is amazing. So we booked a little extra time to stay on Sunday to get in some skiing, etc, except there's no snow there. Yep, they are actually getting it while we are leaving. It's supposed to snow on Sunday, so hopefully our flight will get out on time.

We're excited to spend some time by ourselves. I plan on reading and sleeping. I'm looking forward to the quiet. Hopefully my parents are NOT looking forward to quiet, but a rambunctious fun time with the kids! What I'm not looking forward to, or maybe I'm just not quite prepared for it, is the cold. The high in Tahoe for Friday is 47 - ok, I can deal with that, it was 47 when I got up this morning (although it got up to 70s). But the high for Saturday and Sunday is 26. Um, that's cold. When was the last time I saw 26? Hmmm, I'm seriously not too sure. I guess I'll have to stick the thinsulate in my leather coat. Do you people who live in that weather wear long underwear all of the time? I do believe my blood has thinned. How quickly I forget winter.


Amanda said...

Have a great time! Sounds fun. :-)

Tiffany said...

i dont wear long underwear. the secret is to just stay inside! :) hahaha. every winter i feel like i have to readjust to the winter also. have fun in Tahoe and read read read and sleep. what a lovely thing to do on a cold day :).

Brenda Rae said...

i'd like to say wimp since the high today is 6 and it is snowing snowing snowing. I like to pull out the hot cocoa. This winter the baby is keeping me warm!