Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Has it been that long?

Wow, it's January already! I'm so sad December is over. It's absolutely my favorite month ever. I just love everything associated with it - the traditions, decorating, food, family, shopping, adopting families/people, telling others the Reason for the season, and so on. Thank you Father for sending your Son! The countdown is on - 11 more months until Christmas time.... :(
Sean and I also started P90X on January 1. It's a good workout, but I really like the food program that goes along with it. It's kind of like having your own personal chef telling you what to eat (except I get to cook it!). Not all of the food is the best, but I'm surprised by the versatility of it. We've been doing it a week now and I'm already starting to feel some progress! We took some "before" pictures. yikes...... A word of advice, don't take a picture of yourself in a bikini in the middle of winter, right before bed. But, we printed them out and they're gonna hang on the mirror as a little motivation. I think I'll put mine down in the corner so I don't have to see it as much!

The kids had a great Christmas - less presents, which was good and less stressful for them. Grant's birthday is next Tuesday. We're celebrating it on Sunday with his friends at Makutu's Island. He's super excited about that. It's a huge indoor play place with trees to climb in and slides and ladders and tunnels, etc. He can't stop talking about it. It's hard to believe he's going to be 4 though, and then Lauren's 2 just a couple of months later. Weird.

Here are a few pics of Christmas...

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