Saturday, June 20, 2009

I have a blog?

Wait a second. I have a blog? Apparently I completely forgot about it because it's been over 2 months! I think that is just because I have been so busy that there just isn't time for this little release o' mine.

Much has happened. May was great - we were busy with friends, we went to Disneyland over Mother's Day. I just remember being busy busy busy. I turned 32 about a week ago. Yep, 32. Wow. I wouldn't say that's mid-30s yet, but I suppose I'm getting there. That does mean my brother only has 4 1/2 years until he's 40. That will be a big one to rub in.

We're going through a few changes around here. One I can't say yet, the other is that we are moving. Where to? Um, I don't really know! The date is June 29 and it looks pretty solid, so we'll be moving over the 4th of July weekend. We have a couple offers on homes. So while the banks twiddle their thumbs, we need to find some sort of temporary housing. It's interesting to pack when you're not really sure what's going on or what type of house you'll be living. I'm hoping for the house we have an offer on with a basement and pool.

I'm headed to Missouri with the kids in July. Sean and I are also going to Greenville for my 10-year reunion in October, sans kids this time. It should be fun - October's the best month in the Midwest and I'm excited to see my friends!

This is a blog all about nothing. Exciting, I know.

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Amanda said...

You don't know where you're moving??? Yeah we'll see you in October at the reunion!!!