Friday, November 6, 2009

my little bro's visit

Ryan, Tiffany and Cadence came for a visit last week and we already miss them dearly! These are some photos of the fun time we had together. The kids were cute and loved playing with one another. Grant and Lauren even got a little taste of Christmas! The Lauxes brought their gifts for the kids so they could see them open them. Lauren loves her shoes and likes to wear them around the house. She's wear them everywhere else too if I didn't stop her. As you can see from the picture of her in the pink dress, she's wearing pink dress up shoes (and she kept falling). Hopefully we'll see the Lauxes again soon, but right now they're busy building their new house. Check out their blog here.

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Tiffany said...

cute pictures. i am glad you posted these so i can no save them to my computer. we had so much fun down there with you guys. it was really neat to see the kids play together.