Monday, March 1, 2010

Getting ready

We are getting ready for the new little one set to join us any week now. I'm 37 1/2 weeks pregnant and ready to have this baby! We don't know what it is, so I do have more of a feeling of being unprepared, but it's exciting too! Lots of friends and family are having babies too, so this one will have lots of little friends!

I also took Grant's 5-yr-old pictures today and they turned out pretty well. Here is a little sampling and a bonus one of Lauren. She turns 3 at the end of this month.

Life is going well here. My parents have been here well over a month now, helping and waiting for the baby to arrive. It's been such a blessing to have them here and I'm a little nervous about them leaving me all of the household chores to do when they go back to Missouri!

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Tiffany said...

Great pictures of the kids. Grant looks so handsome. I hope that them leaving is not too hard! They are your parents plus post baby hormones - eeek I am not sure I could do it. Maybe they will leave in shifts :).