Friday, August 22, 2008

Grant at preschool

I struggled for awhile deciding what to do for school for Grant. Do I homeschool, Christian school, charter school, public school....etc. So many choices, so many opinions from all different people. Thankfully, I think I still have another year or 2 before the big decision, but for now I have him going to a preschool. He's young yet, only 3 1/2, but his 2 cousins go to this school as well, and I want him to grow up close with his cousins, like I did. It's a preschool in a lady's house and she used to teach at a Montessori school. I like the things he's learning. Do I think I could teach him the same things here? Yes. I just don't think he'd actually pay attention. I have tried to teach him other things and he always wants to run off and do something else. Part of it is just his age - I mean, he's just 3, part of it is me, he'd rather be playing. All in all, it's a good change of pace for us. He goes M,W,F for 3 hours in the morning. I get to have one-on-one time with Lauren and he gets to learn and be around other kids. He's still getting used to it, but he enjoys it when he goes. So, all that being said, here are some fun pics of the kids. One is Grant's first day and the others are just having fun around the house.

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Brenda Rae said...

Man Lauren looks so much like her beautiful momma! Drew and Ally both LOVED preschool - he will come home with so much!