Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh sweet Prescott

I miss it already. We went up to Prescott in the high country this past weekend. It was a last minute, spur of the moment thing, and it was a great decision. We don't do this enough like we used to. My cousin Angie lives up there with her family. Her husband is a golf pro at Talking Rock - a country club and golf community. He was able to get us a sweet house to stay in while we were there, wish I would've taken pictures. Anyway, the weather was just perfect, 70s, no humidity. The boys got to golf (another couple went with us). Grant golfed his first 18 holes and had a good time. We got to ride 4-wheelers and Grant and Lauren got to play with their cousins. Angie actually went in to labor while we were there with their 3rd child. Jace, their son, was born yesterday.

So, it was perfect there. Grant was out golfing, Lauren was napping, and I got to sit outside and read. Then I went in and had Oreos and read some more. Believe me, I did not want to leave.

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